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Welcome to Randers City Choir

Billede af Randers Bykor

Randers City Choir is a mixed adult choir of approx. 60 members. The choir has been active in the city's music scene for many years and is also part of Korby Randers. The repertoire of Randers City Choir is preferably classical, but also gospel and popular music is often on the program.

In collaboration with Randers Chamber Orchestra has Randers City Choir has performed many of classical music's great pieces, but the choir has also performed with symphony orchestras and other ensembles, and we often collaborate with other choirs. Randers City Choir also organizes our own concerts, and in autumn the of 2011 and the winter of 2012 the choir was very succesful when we performed with the Danish musical oratorio Frans of Assisi God's Trobadour.

Church concerts with smaller works are also a natural part of Randers City Choir's activities.